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New package Dog Coat colour and Coat variation available


We have a new package available to determine the coat colour and coat type of your dog. In addition to the coat colours E-, Em-, K-, B-, A- and D-locus, the new package offers the patterns Piebald (Spotted), Saddle tan vs Black-and-tan and Panda White Spotting. To determine the coat type, the tests hair length, curly coat and Improper Coat are also included in the package.  

The DNA tests in the package determine the genetic variants present in your dog’s genes. With these variants, various coat colours, patterns and coat types can be distinguished. We have extensive information available on this website about the inheritance of the different coat colours and coat types. Click here to go to the extensive information place on our website.  

For more information about this Combination Package Coat Colour & Coat Variation we would like to refer you to our webshop. Ordering this Combination Package is possible through our webshop. You will receive the swab free of charge for the collection of your dog’s DNA material. Sampling is easily possible with this swab.