In our CombiBreed webshop you can order DNA tests for dogs, cats and horses. Select the right animal species for the range of available and applicable DNA tests. Our selection tool will help you select the right DNA tests. There are three options:

  • Single test; order a single test for your animal (all types possible)
  • CombiBreed package; we have made packages for many breeds with the help of breed clubs and studbooks.
  • Create your own package; do you want to combine DNA tests in a package for your animal? Then you can easily create your own package. Use the selection tool to easily display the relevant tests for your animal.

Product Types

Within our webshop we distinguish between different product types:

Parentage verification is based on the comparison of genetic information from Offspring, Dam and Sire.

Genetic Diseases
Genetic Disease refer to genetic disorders in animals.

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Genetic Traits
Genetic trait refers to the external characteristics of an animal such as coat colours and coat variants.

Blood Typing
Our blood typing tests are only available for cats. We offer both DNA and seriological tests.


Our CombiBreed packages are composed for various breeds. These packages will be expanded as new tests become available.

External Lab test
External Lab tests are patented in certain countries. These tests will be forwarded to a partner laboratory in non-patented territory.

Selection Tool

Using the selection tool you can filter on the tests that are relevant to you. All genetic disease related DNA tests are in many cases developed for specific breeds. This means that the DNA tests are relevant for one or more breeds. A number of DNA tests are suitable for all breeds.

How do I order DNA tests?

Step 1: add products
When you have found a product in our webshop, add it. You can always find your shopping cart in the top right corner, so you can always see what you have shopped. Do you not wish to order the product? Products are easy to remove from your shopping cart.

Step 2: fill in personal details
To place an order you need to create an account. This is necessary because the results of DNA tests will become available within your account. So keep your login details safe! When creating an account you can enter your personal details. Do you already have an account? Then log in with your details. Data can be changed at any time.

Step 3: animal data
In order to be able to perform the DNA tests and to recognize DNA material, we need the animal data. Enter the details of your animal, such as the unique identification number and name. This animal data is also shown on the report. Once the order has been processed, animal data can no longer be changed. So be careful when entering the animal data. Have you ordered multiple products? You can enter the animal data for each test or package.

Step 4: check order and pay
Before you place and pay for the order, we kindly ask you to check the order again. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service. Select the desired payment method, we offer you various options. Once payment has been received by us, we will process your order.

Step 5: shipping DNA kit & sampling
After receiving the order you will receive a swab kit for dogs and cats. This swab kit contains instructions for removing buccal mucosa using the swab. We like to receive hairs to perform DNA tests for horses. Note that these hairs contain hair roots, because we are not able to extract DNA from hair samples that do not contain hair roots.

Your webshop account

Do you already have a profile in our webshop? Then you can easily log in via the button at the top of the webshop. After logging in you will arrive in your profile. Within this profile you will find your personal data, animal data and test results.