In 1986, veterinarian Dr. Hein van Haeringen, founded a blood typing company. The company was founded to provide both research and diagnostics for animals. In that time, Dr. van Haeringen noticed that parent animals died of the same disease as their offspring. These diseases are called hereditary diseases, which are diseases that are passed on from parents to their offspring. The demand for scientific substantiation become important in order to save the lives of these animals.

When the possibility to prevent their animals from hereditary diseases arrived, there became a large demand for this type of genetic testing. Saving the animal health was necessary in order to survive. The foundation, The Dr. Van Haeringen Laboratorium (VHL) offered blood typing in several animal species. This way, breeders had the possibility to optimize their breeding choices and prevent their animals from health issues.

During the 1990s and 2000s, genotyping became more cost-effective and therefore commercially more attractive to be widely used. New databases contained enormous amounts of data, whereby the  genotypes could be combined for pedigree analysis, genotyping for causal mutations and calculations for genetic breeding values. These values provided new insights for the breeding industry and leaded subsequently to the improvement of more precise breeding.

Dr. Van Haeringen Laboratorium became widely known for their expertise in genetics and genomics. The recognizing was acquired as a result of consistent good genomic services. New methods were ready to be implemented at any time, accommodating the increased sample volumes over the years. As Dr. Van Haeringen Laboratorium became more known internationally, it was decided to continue under the corporate name VHLGenetics. From thereon, two new locations (Belgium and Germany) were opened in order to serve our customers on the globe faster and in their own language. In addition, VHL started collaborating with several distributors. These collaborations have been initiated to combine the expertise of these companies and consecutively leading to increase of animal health and welfare. Royal GD became one of our shareholders in 2009. In the end of 2019, GD became our parent company and took over the company from the Van Haeringen Family. By joining forces we strive for the most optimal health of your pet.

In July 2021, the companies BioBank and VHLGenetics started-up together the new genotyping laboratory ScandiGen Lab in Hamar, Norway. For both companies this was a logical next step after BioBank became a VHLGenetics distributor in 2017. The successful cooperation has led to the establishment of ScandiGen Lab that unites the knowledge and strengths of both companies.

In the last couple of years, awareness of animal health and welfare has become increasingly important in the world. This consciousness has been growing faster in recent years. A healthy lifestyle based on the genetic profile of your animal is the new future. That is why we want to be ready for our customers and we like to think along with you. Therefore, we are working hard on optimizing our service and technologies. We no longer only give data to you as a breeder, a veterinarian or a pet owner, but we grow to become your partner of knowledge and animal lifestyle guide. The scientific partner who helps you make the best decisions for a world with as less hereditary diseases as possible for our animals.

As of Today, we have three locations were we perform our DNA tests. These locations are based  in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, with the head office in Wageningen (the Netherlands). We are represented in different European countries by our own sales offices and our highly experienced distribution network.

The DNA tests are carried out under various accreditations, certifications and memberships of organisations, such as ICAR and ISAG. Through cooperation with other distributors and other strong partners, we offer our DNA tests worldwide, with excellent local service.



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