Order status

After logging in to your personal account via ‘My Account’ you can always follow the status (of your purchased test(s)) under ‘My orders’. When the test(s) is(are) finished the results will be shown under ‘My orders’. In addition, we will keep you informed of the status of you order(s) by email.


We believe it is important that we provide reliable DNA results. The test will be redone at our expenses if the test does not meet our quality requirements. We will inform you if the test does not meet our quality requirements. Since we have to re-perform the DNA test the turnaround time will increase, which means that the overall time for you to receive the results will take a little longer. Nevertheless, in the end you will receive the right information about your animals!

The result of a test may be ‘H1’ stated on the report. This means that the quality of the sample has been insufficient and we cannot report a result. A new test will be performed at our expenses. This new test will be executed with a new sample. We will send you sample material free of charge.


You do not have to stay at home to receive the package, because the sample material is small enough to fit in your mailbox. CombiBreed charges € 3.95 shipping costs for sample material.