Our services and test results are based on the samples and/or materials supplied to us. The sender of this (the client) is responsible for providing the correct information about these samples and/or materials.

The requested tests are performed using methods and processes that Dr. van Haeringen Laboratory B.V. deems suitable. The client is aware that the nature of the services to be provided means that Dr. Van Haeringen Laboratory B.V. cannot guarantee that an animal will not develop similar symptoms as a result of other unknown hereditary defects. On the other hand, the presence of a hereditary disease will not always lead to symptoms. A number of relevant to the results and beyond the control of Dr. van Haeringen Laboratory B.V. factors can influence the results. In addition to genetics, consider food and environment, for example. The client is aware that both scientific insights and technological possibilities develop over time, which can also have effects on the reliability of the methods and/or test results used