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Dominant White and White Spotting are controlled by the KIT-gene.

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General information

Dominant White and White Spotting are controlled by the KIT-gene. Dominant white is also described as the W-locus and White Spotting as the S-locus. The KIT-gene has three variants (alleles). The DW allele is dominant over the alleles Ws and N; allele Ws is dominant over allele N.

Clinical features

The dominant allele DW results in a white coat colour. One or two copies of the DW allele will result in a white cat with varying degrees of hearing impairment. The allele Ws in white spotting and the allele N has no effect on the coat colour.

Additional information

The gene/genes controlling the pattern of White Spotting is still unknown. Additionally, not all white spots or patterns result from the KIT-gene as other genes can also have mutations that result in depigmentation phenotypes. Dominant White is distinct from albinism (C-locus) which results from a mutation in the TYR gene that has no known impact on hearing.


Pubmed ID: 25085922

Omia ID: 209

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