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Parentage verification is based on the comparison of genetic information from Offspring, Dam and Sire.

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Swab, Blood EDTA, Blood Heparin, Semen, Tissue

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Parentage verification is based on the comparison of genetic information from Offspring, Dam and Sire. The basis of parentage verification can be used in many species, including animals, birds, fish and humans. Sample material such as hair roots, swabs, semen, and several other materials can be used for parentage verification. Of each sample, a DNA-profile is established using DNA-markers. Two types of markers are available to perform parentage verification: STR (microsatellite) markers and SNP markers. Both are based on different technologies and the results are not comparable to each other. In case you are not familiar with the difference between these two types of marker sets, please contact us before ordering a test to determine which marker type is needed to perform the parentage verification.

The DNA-profile from each sample is stored in a database and can be presented as barcode. A barcode is unique for an individual. The process of parentage verification involves a comparison of the genetic information present in an offspring with the DNA present in the possible parents. For the confirmation of a parentage, all genetic information of an Offspring must be present in the combination of Dam and Sire. In most parentage verifications, the probability of parentage is given with at least 99,5%. In addition to parentage verification, a DNA-profile can be used to verify the identity of an individual. In this case, the reliability of the identity analysis is extremely high, because all genetic information in two samples must be identical.

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