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The Tobiano white-spotting pattern is a depigmentation phenotype in horses.

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General information

The Tobiano white-spotting pattern is a depigmentation phenotype in horses. The phenotype is an autosomal dominant trait. The white-spotting pattern is expressed by the Tobiano allele (To). A SNP associated with To has been identified at the KIT gene.

Clinical features

The Tobiano white-spotting pattern is characterized by general and distinct oval or round patches of depigmented skin and coat. The depigmentation extend down over the neck and chest, which can be seen as a shield. The extent of the depigmentation can range from approximately 20% to 80% of the body surfaces. The spotting pattern is present at birth and stable throughout life.

Additional information

Coat colour is an intricate trait that involves a combination of multiple different genes. Testing for a range of different loci will give the most complete prediction of a horse's coat colour genetics.

The variant is present in 86% of the Lewitzer individuals with tobiano.


Pubmed ID: 18410476

Omia ID: 209

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