Australian Labradoodles can be affected by a disease called Australian Labradoodle Dystrophinopathy. This disorder is a variant of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) and causes damage to the skeletal muscles and heart of affected dogs and eventually death. The disease causing mutation have been found in the dystrophin-gene for the Australian Labradoodle. The test is now available for the breed in our Webshop (test number H759).

As early as three months of age, affected puppies can develop clinical signs. These puppies are less willing to play and move, can have a flat-footed stance and a stiff gait. A swollen or large tongue with as a consequence difficulty swallowing and excessive salivation can also be present. These puppies are often weakened, have poorly developed muscles and lose weight. The disease progresses quickly, and death by heart failure can occur within several months after the start of the symptoms.

Fortunately the disease causing  mutation for Australian Labradoodle Dystrophinopathy can be detected by a genetic test. This can help in diagnosing pups with this disease, but also to make the most favourable breeding choices.

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