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Hair length is an important morphological trait for most dog breeds.

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General information

Hair length is an important morphological trait for most dog breeds. The breed standard often allows only one specific hair length for the majority of registered dog breeds. Although long hair is inherited as a recessive trait in different dog breeds, the length of long hair is variable depending on the breed. In dogs and other mammals, fibroblast growth factor 5 (FGF5) is the mutant gene that leads to the long-hair phenotype.

Clinical features

Long-haired phenotype among dogs of different breeds.

Additional information

The phenotype is subject to allelic heterogeneity, i.e. several different mutations on this gene can cause the same trait. Therefore, a dog that tests as Shorthaired or Carrier for this specific mutation can still turn out to have the Long-Haired phenotype.


Pubmed ID: 23384345

Omia ID: 439

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