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White patterning in horses is known as Dominant White or White.

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White patterning in horses is known as Dominant White or White. There are about 20 different mutations identified that are associated with white patterns, all mutations are found in the KIT gene. Except for W20, most of the known Dominant White mutations arose recently and are restricted to specific lines within breeds. The Coat Colour Dominant White 1 test, tests for the mutation known as W18 in the KIT gene. This test detects two variants (alleles). The allele W18 is dominant.

Clinical features

Dominant White patterns are variable, ranging from minimal Sabino-like spotting to all-white horses. The eye colour of Dominant White horses is brown. One or two copies of the W18 allele result in horses that display some degree of white spotting but the specific pattern cannot be predicted. The allele N is recessive and does not have an effect on the basic colour.

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Pubmed ID: 23659293

Omia ID: 209

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