The varieties are mentioned at all our tests because the relevant mutation occurs in these varieties. The mention of a variety can take place on the basis of two information flows. See information about these topics below.

• Development through science:
Science links variation in DNA to syndromes/characteristics. A diagnostic test is developed by comparing the symptoms of a disease/characteristic with variation in the DNA. This normally leads to publication in a scientific article. Often these articles are based on a single breed.

• Other breeds:
Mutations described and validated in one breed can also occur in other breeds. This is often no longer published in scientific articles. It is very possible that the mutation occurs in other breeds and causes a similar effect.

• Remarks:
If the result of a DNA test indicates that an animal is not a carrier of a mutation, this is no guarantee that this animal will never develop the disease or the characteristic, for example on the basis of unknown mutations.

When the result of a DNA test indicates that an animal is a sufferer (or carrier) of a mutation, this is normally the basis for assuming that an animal will develop the disease or trait.

The owner is responsible for the decision whether he / she wants to have a test carried out based on above information.